Schülerartikel von Louis Blawert, 9a

When we arrived in Bournemouth we met our host families. The journey to Bournemouth was very hard and long. The weather was very nice and it was hot. At the first day we went to the city. We also went to the beautiful beach.

At the second day we went to the school and after that to the Splash Down Water Park. The slides were nice and funny. The est slide was the slide outside it was so fast. At the third day we went to the beautiful city of London and we saw all sights.

Our guide David knew everything about the city. After that hard day we arrived in Bournemouth at 10 pm and we slept like little babies.

On Wednesday we visited Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. The Cathedral was very beautiful and also old. When we arrived at Stonehenge we had to wait for the bus which drove us to the stones. We took a million of selfies and then we went back home.

Back in Bournemouth we went to the school and watched a film.

Thursday was the best day of the week because we visited the fascinating city of Portland and its nice cliffs. We walked along the cliffs and we were speechless.

Back in the school we had the karaoke night. At the last day we first had 6 lessons English and after that we had freetime in Bournemouth. The most people wanted to go to Primark and after that to the beach. It was a great trip.

At 5 am we went to the bus and we drove back. We arrived in Germany at 11 am on Saturday.

All in all England is a very beautiful and nice place in the world and I want to visit it again.